Disputes happen. When they do, Conner & Winters’s first order of business is to help our client define its objectives, recognize and evaluate the risks it faces, and identify the best options to achieve the desired end-game. The client’s preferred outcomes become the foundation for our litigation strategy and remain our focus through final resolution.

Our success in representing clients in litigation is not merely the product of the courtroom skills of our trial lawyers, nor do we rest on the fact that we have been successfully representing clients since 1933. We lay the groundwork for success in each case by developing an in-depth understanding of our client, its business, history, and strategic plans. Conner & Winters believes the approach to any dispute — whether with a competitor, business partner, employee, regulator, or others — is best assessed and addressed from a perspective that encompasses the totality of our client’s goals.

Our experience is our clients’ advantage. The firm’s trial lawyers are fluent both in the vocabulary of our clients’ lines of business and in the mechanics of the local legal systems. Intimate knowledge of the many jurisdictions in which our trial lawyers practice develops instincts for devising strategies that are most likely to succeed.

Our litigation practice is deep. The firm’s litigation teams are trial-ready, poised to represent clients in complex commercial and environmental litigation, multistate class actions, business disputes of every kind, arbitrations, qui tam litigation, and other legal proceedings. The firm’s trial lawyers routinely draw on the substantive knowledge of colleagues in our broad industry practice groups. The depth of our litigation practice extends to talented support staff well versed in electronic discovery and cutting edge courtroom technology.

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