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Several years ago, the rental car industry in the United States surpassed the $20 billion mark in revenue.  Companies in this highly competitive industry are actively trying to secure market share and maximize profitability while at the same time trying to minimize inventory and reduce labor and maintenance costs.  Constantly changing national regulations and legislation, a high rate of consolidation, and specialized risk contribute to the complex nature of the business. Conner & Winters has the depth of experience to provide comprehensive legal services to this dynamic industry.

Designing risk management programs and drafting key agreements

Conner & Winters is fortunate to have a nationally recognized practice in the rental car industry. We have worked with some of the largest rental companies and insurance carriers in the United States to generate best business practices and procedures and develop successful risk management programs.  Our attorneys provide guidance in drafting rental agreements and other industry-specific contracts.  We have structured self-insurance and public insurance programs for rental companies and drafted insurance policies and policy provisions for the industry.  We have developed an in-depth understanding of the risk management aspect of the business.

Advocating the industry’s perspective in many jurisdictions

Our attorneys have successfully litigated rental car liability issues and rental insurance matters throughout the country.  The firm’s extensive involvement in nationwide litigation relating to liability of renters and rental car companies has given us keen insight into the key legal issues surrounding the industry and into jurisdictional distinctions that exist.  Some areas of concentrated experience include:

  • Extensive experience in defending vehicle product liability and negligence claims involving SUV and large passenger van rollovers resulting in multiple deaths and catastrophic injuries
  • Extensive experience in defending negligent entrustment lawsuits
  • Document drafting, ranging from rental agreements and franchise documents to self-insurance and public insurance policies and provisions
  • Analyzing jurisdictional insurance requirements and liability issues related to passenger vehicle and commercial truck rentals
  • Extensive litigation experience concerning enforcement of key rental agreement provisions and liability exclusions
  • Extensive litigation regarding supplemental liability excess insurance which may arise as a part of a rental car transaction

Providing extended services to rental car companies

In addition to specialized risk management advice, contract and document preparation, and industry specific litigation, our firm can provide assistance to rental companies in litigation, corporate and securities, banking and finance, labor and employment, real estate, insolvency and bankruptcy and business reorganization, employee benefits, and other contract and commercial matters.

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