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Conner & Winters attorneys regularly conduct investigations involving federal regulatory compliance, such as allegations of EPA, FERC, and HIPAA violations, executive improprieties, accounting fraud and irregularities, employee embezzlement, retaliation, whistleblower and hotline complaints, healthcare fraud, waste and abuse, and many others. The firm conducts thorough and discreet internal investigations to assess the risk of criminal or civil liability to the organization and counsels companies on corporate governance, compliance, and ethics issues. Our team includes a former United States Attorney, a former Assistant United States Attorney, and lawyers with broad experience in conducting high-profile investigations and in navigating the court system.

Internal investigations have become an increasingly critical component of responsible corporate governance in our current political and regulatory climate. A discreet, thorough, and effective internal investigation enables your company’s decision makers to reach informed judgments when confronted with issues raised by whistleblowers, hotline callers, subpoenas, outside auditors, and other complainants, with minimal business interruption. It also reflects your company’s good faith efforts to obtain an outside, independent perspective on issues that could affect shareholder interests.

An internal investigation conducted by Conner & Winters will give your company the facts needed to decide upon an appropriate course of action. This includes whether and how to voluntarily disclose criminal conduct or regulatory violations, whether and how to discipline responsible employees, whether and when to waive attorney-client privilege with respect to the matters investigated, how to treat whistleblowers and cooperating witnesses, and what measures can be implemented to avoid future incidents.

Conner & Winters lawyers also train in-house attorneys and human resources professionals on how to conduct internal reviews, including how to interview management and employees, whom to interview, and how to document and report on the results of the investigation.


Conner & Winters lawyers understand the criminal investigation and grand jury processes, having managed those processes first hand on behalf of the government. The team also draws upon the experience and knowledge of other attorneys in the firm with varied backgrounds, including federal judicial clerkships.

Our team defends clients before the United States Department of Justice, state and federal government agencies, and in court. Conner & Winters lawyers regularly advise clients regarding grand jury and agency subpoenas and counsel companies regarding cooperation with government investigations.

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