Firm Overview

​Why Conner & Winters

Conner & Winters has diligently pursued a primary objective for more than 90 years: to provide our clients with the very best legal services. With over 85 attorneys in offices throughout the central United States and Washington, D.C., we are one of the leading, full-service business and litigation law firms in the region.

Conner & Winters attributes its diversity of practice and its quality of work to the individual and collective talents of our attorneys and staff. Throughout our history, we have attracted exceptional graduates from nationally prominent law schools as well as important regional and state law schools. The firm fosters an open environment, where attorneys at all levels of their careers are comfortable sharing ideas and working together. This teamwork approach allows us to better focus on our clients’ business needs while always maintaining unparalleled professional integrity.

We work for a broad range of clients spanning a wide variety of industries — from multinational corporations to local businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs. The breadth and depth of the firm’s practice areas added to our attorneys’ collective experience and expertise ensure that our clients receive cost-effective, superior legal services.

85+ Attorneys

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