Alternative Dispute Resolution


Conner & Winters attorneys regularly represent clients in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, and we advise clients to consider these alternatives where appropriate.  For many years, our attorneys in our litigation group and other practice areas have represented clients in mediations, arbitrations, mandatory settlement conferences, and other ADR venues, both domestically and internationally.

Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of effective ADR strategies.  Our insights are the product of our substantial experience as counsel in numerous dispute resolution proceedings as well as of our long-standing affiliations with dispute resolution organizations.

The firm’s attorneys include members who participate in the following organizations, which provide valuable information and continuing insight into ADR developments and strategies:

  • American Arbitration Association
  • Association for International Arbitration
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
  • National Arbitration Forum
  • Attorney Mediators’ Institute
  • Association of Attorney Mediators
  • The Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution
  • The National Panel of Employment Arbitrators

As an illustration of the depth of our practice in the dispute resolution arena, several of our attorneys have held ADR teaching positions with colleges and associations and have written published articles on the subject and others are certified mediators and arbitrators.

Our attorneys understand the nuances of federal and state laws that address ADR processes, including the Federal Arbitration Act.  Our representation of clients in ADR matters includes winning arbitration awards, obtaining the entry of judgments on awards, and collections of the judgments.

Our ADR attorneys frequently have the opportunity to view dispute resolution from the neutral’s chair.  Conner & Winters lawyers often serve as settlement judges and special masters and have led early neutral evaluations, mediations, facilitations, and training.  Our attorneys have on numerous occasions served as the panel chairman for American Arbitration Association dispute panels.  These opportunities to step out of the role of advocate endow our attorneys with fresh perspectives on successful ADR strategies.

In addition to our roles as client advocates and neutrals in ADR proceedings, we are also routinely asked to advise clients on contractual ADR provisions.  We regularly negotiate and draft arbitration agreements and arbitration provisions in commercial and employment contracts.  Conner & Winters attorneys have designed internal resolution processes and procedures for our clients in connection with our labor and employment practice.  These and other arrangements can minimize liability risks and substantially reduce dispute resolution costs.


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