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We understand that commercial disputes are not one-­size-­fits-­all affairs. The seasoned trial lawyers at Conner & Winters have extensive experience in resolving a variety of business and commercial disputes, including bringing and defending a wide range of contractual and business tort claims.

Our litigation attorneys have a reputation for thoroughly evaluating a commercial dispute, assessing viable options, minimizing risk, and providing consistent results. We are adept at finding solutions to complex business disputes, in part because we have acquired an in­-depth knowledge of our clients’ industries and businesses. We are committed to providing our commercial and business clients with high quality, cost-­effective legal services, whether that involves alternative dispute resolution, civil litigation, or white collar criminal defense. Assertively advocating our clients’ business and commercial rights Our Commercial Litigation Section attorneys are well versed in aggressively pursuing our clients’ business and commercial objectives through mediation, arbitration, and state and federal court practice throughout the United States as well as in international arenas.

The firm has invested in state­-of-­the-­art litigation technology and is committed to advocating our clients’ positions using the most modern and effective communication techniques. We make effective use of paralegals, our legal professionals are supported by in-­house technology specialists, and we are additionally connected with a group of outside technology consultants who are available at a moment’s notice. We also draw upon a large network of business and economic experts to help construct creative and practical strategies.

Our attorneys know that, along with the risk of civil litigation, clients may face the threat of government or regulatory investigation or enforcement, the prospect of media inquiry, or even the potential exposure of a criminal investigation or prosecution. Whatever the dispute may be, we have the ability to guide clients through the hazards and help them make sound, critical decisions.

Conner & Winters trial lawyers understand the complexity of modern business disputes. We are experienced in protecting commercial interests and ensuring fair competition. We partner with our clients in every aspect of planning and decision-making. We know that skilled discovery and trial preparation pave the way for successful trial results and that thorough preparation can also lead to advantageous settlements. We know how to vigorously pursue the client’s strategic objectives.

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