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FTC Issues Final Rule Prohibiting Non-Compete Clauses


On April 23, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission (the “FTC”) issued a final rule prohibiting employers from, among other things, entering into non-compete clauses with their workers. The Rule will go into effect on September 4, 2024, unless delayed through litigation.

The final rule presents a monumental shift in the legal framework under which employers have operated for years and raises questions regarding their obligations, rights, and options with respect to their workers, businesses, and intellectual property.

Because of the significance of the final rule, Conner & Winters has published a Question and Answer Guide to address some common questions and provide basic information about the change. 

FTC Final Rule FAQ Guide Cover Image and Two Pages

Download FAQ Guide

However, the final rule is new, nuanced, and complex, and determining its impact on your business requires a detailed inquiry into the specific facts of your company, contracts, and policies. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact Conner & Winters to address the impact of the Rule on your business.

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