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Conner & Winters Unveils Modern Logo and Brand Platform


Conner & Winters announced a rebrand to its visual identity that reflects its deep dedication to client success and legal excellence.

“This is a very exciting time for our firm. Last year, we decided to take our marketing efforts to the next level, aiding in the firm’s business growth strategy. But before that could happen, we needed a visual personality that truly stands out,” said Scott Hathaway, president of Conner & Winters.

The re-energized brand platform transformed the firm’s old logo from a conservative and traditional one to a sleek and modern form of the firm’s name by highlighting and deconstructing the Es. The stacked Es were designed at an angle, creating a stairstep effect that plays on the firm’s new tagline: ”A Step Above.”

“Now we feel our brand more accurately embodies who we are: Conner & Winters, a firm that’s always a step above in providing excellent legal counsel, client service, and responsiveness,” said Hathaway.

Conner & Winters additionally chose to incorporate four accent colors into its color palette. Magenta will serve as the firm’s primary accent color, with lime green, teal, and purple as additional options for practice groups to use in marketing pieces. The accent colors were inspired by a Native American piece of art called “Her Many Horses” crafted by artist Dana Tiger; a piece that has significant meaning to the firm’s Native American Law group and that is used frequently in marketing and new business materials.

In addition, the firm dropped the ampersand from the logo design for marketing purposes only. It will remain Conner & Winters in all communications. The six office addresses, phone numbers, website, and social media handles will also remain the same.

Conner & Winters Rebrand

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