Safety Culture: What Every Nuclear Worker Should Know

Employers in the nuclear industry are often looking for fresh ways to communicate the importance and characteristics of a strong Nuclear Safety Culture. Our new Guide—“Safety Culture: What Every Nuclear Worker Should Know”—is designed to supplement ongoing programs to communicate Safety Culture expectations at all levels of the nuclear workplace. It is written in plain, practical language and offers a fresh tool for promoting Safety Culture.  The Guide is priced for bulk orders and company-wide distribution. For order and pricing information, please contact Priscilla Owens, or (202) 887-5711.



Safety Conscious Work Environment Publications, by Donn Meindertsma

Fostering a Safety Conscious Work Environment, or SCWE, is an important objective in safety-sensitive industries, including the nuclear energy field, chemical manufacturing, processing and disposal and hazardous waste industries. “SCWE” describes a workplace in which all employees contribute to a safety-first focus by communicating safety issues because they feel comfortable and valued in doing so.

Communicating SCWE expectations to the workforce is vital, but how do you keep the message fresh? Two new publications describe the attributes and practical importance of SCWE in a straightforward way. The Practical Guide for Leaders (21 pp.) identifies key ways in which supervisors, managers and site executives can foster a SCWE. Practical Pointers for the Individual Contributor (13 pp.) advises non-supervisory workers, including contract workers, how they can contribute to the desired work environment.

The guides are modestly priced to facilitate bulk purchases and distribution to the workforce. For more information or to order, contact, or (202) 887-5711.