A broad spectrum of clientele

The firm’s propane and gas fuels clients include retail marketers, utilities, propane wholesalers and suppliers, propane pipelines, tank manufacturers, and an odorant manufacturer. As a result of the breadth of our practice, our attorneys have developed a thorough understanding of issues that are particular to their propane and gas fuel clients.

Our experience is our clients’ advantage

Having acted as lead counsel and supervised the defense of over 200 personal injury suits in thirty-five states, Propane and Gas Fuels section attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of gas related litigation. Our experience includes providing general counsel as well as representing companies in commercial disputes and acting as lead attorneys in catastrophic injury cases, including:

  • Defense of a propane trade group after the bleve of an 18,000 gallon propane storage tank resulting in multiple deaths and injuries
  • Defense of a propane wholesaler for alleged inadequate warnings following a gas leak and subsequent explosion resulting in numerous deaths and serious personal injuries
  • Defense of an underground storage and terminal operator after a failure of above ground equipment led to a leak of propane from a storage cavern that drifted into a KOA campground resulting in multiple deaths and injuries
  • Defense of a tank manufacturer following a retail store explosion that killed or injured seven people
  • Defense of a tank manufacturer in personal injury and wrongful death litigation alleging improper welding in violation of ASME Code requirements
  • Defense of propane wholesalers, retailers, and a tank manufacturer against claims of “odor fade”
  • Defense of a recreational vehicle manufacturer that had installed a propane “dual fuel” system against claims of negligent design and strict product liability
  • Defense of propane retailers in claims involving allegations of failure to comply with industry standards and NFPA Pamphlets 54 and 58, including “out of gas” claims
  • Defense of a tank manufacturer resulting in the dismissal of a putative class action alleging ASME code violations
  • Numerous post accident investigations on behalf of retailers, wholesalers, and tank manufacturers; including coordinating investigations with state and local officials, OSHA, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; and the Chemical Safety Board
  • Providing counsel regarding compliance with applicable code requirements involving the propane industry
  • Providing counsel regarding compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall programs
  • Providing counsel regarding warning programs

In addition, we are regularly called upon to represent manufacturers, retailers, or wholesalers in cases involving allegations of defects involving equipment, including regulators, appliance controls, piping, pumps, valves, venting, relief devices, and propane tanks; as well as claims alleging failure to comply with applicable industry and ASME standards.

Industry knowledge equals quick accident response

Our experience is not confined to the legal issues that are peculiar to the propane and gas fuel industry. In addition, our attorneys are well versed in the technology, operations, and business practices associated with all aspects of their clients’ industry. Through our extensive involvement in propane and gas fuels litigation the firm has developed close working relationships with numerous expert witnesses and investigators around the country. As a result, we can quickly assemble a well equipped team of attorneys, experts and investigators to respond quickly to an accident anywhere in the country.

Planning and preparing for trial

Because of our experience, we can rely upon a large database of technical literature and expert depositions to help craft a winning litigation strategy. Using prior depositions, we can identify inconsistencies in the positions taken by opposing experts and use them to undermine the expert’s credibility. We are also able to effectively utilize trial presentation software to simplify complex scientific evidence for presentation to juries.